Yoga & Aerial Fitness Classes

Learn to fly with me! Explore various dance styles and feel pure freedom, bliss and confidence.


If you want to fly, you have to give up the shit that weighs you down


If you have never liked sports but want to try something new, you are in the right place! In case you never had the courage to give pole dance or aerial hammock a try, just book a trial lesson. There are no requirements, I promise! You will grow muscles by just having fun in no time. Yoga and pole dance teach you to love yourself, honour your body and just move without thinking. If you are interested and concerned that you are too unflexible, not athlethic enough, too fat - now is the right time to get started! I will support you on your level and you will be surprised by your own skills.


Pole Dance

This really is the most beautiful way to workout. You will grow muscles super fast just by dancing your heart out. There are no limits to combinations, tricks and styles. You can rock your bad girl side, dance elegant choreographys or just go for the sporty tricks. Everyone can learn pole dance and discover her own potentials. You will surprise yourself how fast it is possible to do amazing, impressive things with your body.


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is the combination of acrobatic, yoga and functional sling training. Through the inversion you can relieve back pain. The hammock gives you the possibility to do acrobatic flips and tricks or just dance, swing and relax. You will feel pure bliss and it will turn your world upside town :)


Vinyasa Yoga

I am teaching creative and powerful vinyasa flows. Yoga includes also meditation and pranayama which will benefits you will soon notice in your daily life.

Yin Yoga

Besides all those power sports I have a huge passion for some quiet yin yoga. The poses are held for 2 - 3 minutes to allow full relaxation. It will also affect the fascia (joints, bones, tendons..) in a positive way. Let go and calm down.

"I haven't got such a wonderful weekend for a long time! You did great. Was a pleasure to meet you!"

"Thank you for your wonderful relaxing atmosphere in your classes!"

"I did the crow for the first time! Your tip with the elbows was the best!"

"You are full of curiousity and zest for action. You're positive energy is inspiring"

"Thank you for your energy and the beautiful flows"

"I could feel your passion, it's such a gift to share that with other people. Thank you from the heart for 3 awesome retreat days"

"Your calm and peaceful style make the yoga classes just perfect. Thanks for special treatments and your patience."

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